Sick Raccoons – Recently your police officers have been responding to a number of sick raccoons throughout the City of Sunfish Lake, but primarily in the area of Angel and Charlton Roads.  Many residents fear the raccoons are rabid.  Police Chief Bud Shaver contacted the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and spoke with a local conservation officer.  The officer reported the raccoons are most likely experiencing Canine Distemper.

Canine Distemper is a viral disease that affects animals in specific families to include raccoons, ferrets and dogs to name a few, but not domestic cats.  The symptoms of Canine Distemper can mimic rabies.  It is passed from animal to animal through contact; much like a cold is transferred between people.  The disease tends to occur when an animal population has grown excessively.  Once the disease kills off the excessive population, contact between the animals is reduced and the disease diminishes.

Dr. David Abramowicz of South St. Paul Animal Hospital states, most family dogs can be easily protected by receiving their annual vaccinations.  He encourages pet owners who are uncertain if their pets have current vaccinations, to call their veterinarian and ask if the family pet has current shots.  For additional questions you may contact Dr. Abramowicz at 651-455-5897.

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Click HERE for a U-Tube video of a raccoon with Canine Distemper