The sketch plans shall contain, at a minimum, the following information:

A. Plat boundary.

B. North arrow.

C. Scale.

D. Street names and the layout on and adjacent to the proposed plat.

E. Designation of land use and current and proposed zoning.

F. Significant topographical or physical features.

G. General lot locations and layout.

H. Preliminary evaluation by the applicant that the subdivision is not classified as premature based upon criteria established in section 1304.02 of this Chapter.



The applicant shall prepare and submit a preliminary plat, together with any necessary supplementary information.  The preliminary plat shall contain the information set forth in the subsections which follow (Upon specific request, the City may exempt an applicant from the submission of data which is not considered relevant to the application.):

A. General Requirements:

1. The proposed name of the subdivision; names shall not duplicate or be alike in pronunciation to the name of any plat theretofore recorded in the County.

2. Location of boundary lines in relation to a known section, quarter section or quarter-quarter section lines comprising a legal description of the property.

3. Name, address and phone number of the record owner(s), any agent having control of the land, the applicant, land surveyor, engineer and designer of the plan.

4. Graphic scale of one (1) inch to one hundred (100) feet, except as specifically approved by the City Planner.

5. North point and key map of the area, showing well-known geographical points for orientation within a one-half (1/2) mile radius.

6. Date of preparation.

B. Existing Conditions:

1. Boundary lines to include bearings, distances, and curve data clearly indicated.

2. Existing zoning classifications for land in and abutting the subdivision.

3.Total area of the proposed plat.

4. Location, right-of-way width and names of existing or platted streets or other public ways, parks and other public lands, permanent buildings and structures, easements and section, corporate and school district lines within the plan, to a distance one hundred (100) feet beyond the plat.

5. Location, size, and elevations of existing storm sewers, culverts or other underground facilities within the preliminary plat area and to a distance of one hundred (100) feet beyond.  Such data as top grades and locations of catch basins, manholes, elevations, invert elevations, and the street pavement width and type also shall be shown.

6. Boundary lines of adjoining unsubdivided or subdivided land, within one hundred (100) feet of the plat, identified by name and ownership, including all contiguous land owned or controlled by the applicant.

7. Topographic data, including contours at vertical intervals of not more than one (1) foot shown on a contour/topographic map.  Water courses, marshes, wooded areas, rock outcrops, power transmission poles and lines, and other significant features also shall be shown.  U.S.G.S. datum shall be used for all topographic mapping.

8. Subsurface conditions on tracts for subdivisions utilizing individual water and sewage disposal systems; location and results of tests to ascertain subsurface soil, rock and ground water conditions and availability; location and results of soil percolation tests.

9. 100-year flood elevations and the regulatory flood protection elevation taking into consideration the Flood Insurance Study and Flood Insurance Rate Map. 

10. A statement certifying the environmental condition of the site including the presence of any hazardous substance as defined in Minnesota Statutes 115B.02, Subd. 8.  Such statement may be required to be based upon an environmental assessment of the site by an environmental engineering firm acceptable to the City.

11. Geotechnical data prepared by a qualified Soils Engineer showing surface and subsurface soils and ground water in sufficient detail to show the site to be suitable for the development proposed.

C. Proposed Design Features

1. Layout of proposed streets showing the right-of-way widths, centerline gradients, roadway widths, typical cross-sections, and proposed names of streets in conformance with City and County street identification policies.  The name of any street heretofore used in the City or its environs shall not be used unless the proposed street is a logical extension of an already named street, in which event the same name shall be used.

2. If applicable, the location and size of proposed storm sewer lines.

3. Gradients of proposed streets, and storm sewer lines and as requested.

4. Location, dimension and purpose of all easements.

* 5. Layout, numbers, lot areas (gross and net) and preliminary dimensions of lots and blocks, and outlots.

6. Minimum front and side street building setback line.

7. When lots are located on a curve, the width of the lot at the building setback line.

8. Building pads intended for construction.

9. Areas, other than streets and utility easements, intended to be dedicated or reserved for public use, including the size of such area or areas in acres.  

10. The location and sizing of proposed on-site water systems.

11. The location and size of proposed on-site waste disposal systems.

* Amended Ord. No. 2000-01, 1 August 2000

12. Grading plan with minimum one (1) foot contours which shall include the proposed grading and drainage of the site, including provisions for surface water ponding and drainage.  Also to be stipulated are the garage floor, first floor, and basement elevations of all structures.

13. Proposed fill, levees, channel modifications, and other methods to overcome flood or erosion hazard areas in accordance with the Sunfish Lake Zoning Ordinance and Water Resources Management Plan.  

D. The items listed in this section shall be in conformance with all other applicable sections of this Chapter.

E. Supplementary Information:  Any or all of the supplementary information requirements set forth in this subsection shall be submitted when deemed necessary by the City staff, consultants, advisory bodies and/or City Council to adequately address the application and site in question.

1. Proposed protective covenants or private restrictions.

2. A vegetation preservation and protection plan that shows those trees proposed to be removed, those to remain, the types and locations of trees and other vegetation that are to be planted may also be required.

3. Statement revealing the effect of the development on traffic, fire hazards, and congestion of population.  The City may require the applicant to have formal traffic or other studies performed to the City's satisfaction which show the effect of the proposed development on traffic, fire hazards, congestion, or other matters of public concern.

4. If any zoning changes are contemplated, the proposed zoning plan for the areas, including dimensions, shall be shown.  Such proposed zoning plan shall be for information only and shall not vest any rights in the applicant.

5. Where the applicant owns property adjacent to that which is being proposed for the subdivision, it shall be required that the applicant submit a sketch plan of the remainder of the property so as to show the possible relationships between the proposed subdivision and the future subdivision.  In any event, all subdivisions shall be required to relate well with existing or potential adjacent subdivisions and land uses.

6. Where structures are to be placed on large or excessively deep lots which are subject to potential replat, the preliminary plat shall indicate a logical way in which the lots could possibly be resubdivided in the future.

7. A plan for soil erosion and sediment control both during construction and after development has been completed.  The plan shall include gradients of waterways, design of velocity and erosion control measures, design of sediment control measures, and landscaping of the erosion and sediment control system.  Such plans are to be in accordance with the technical standards and specifications of the Sunfish Lake Water Resources Management Plan and Lower Mississippi River Watershed Management Organization Watershed Management Plan.

8. An environmental assessment worksheet shall be submitted if the City Council, Minnesota Environmental Quality Board or other groups or agencies determine that one is required by law.  Whenever a project that does not require an environmental assessment worksheet is suspected to have the potential for environmental effects, the State, County, or City may require the preparation of a discretionary environmental assessment worksheet in order to determine whether an environmental impact statement is needed.

9. Applications, statements and supporting documentation and plans for rezoning, variances or conditional use permits approvals being sought for the subdivision.

10. Such other applicable information as may be required by the City.



The applicant shall submit a final plat together with any necessary supplementary information. The final plat, prepared for recording purposes, shall be prepared in accordance with provisions of Minnesota State Statutes and Dakota County regulations, and such final plat or accompanying submittals shall contain the following information:

A. Name of the subdivision, which shall not duplicate or too closely approximate the name of any existing plat theretofore recorded in Dakota County and which shall be subject to City Council approval.

B. Location by section, township, range, county and state, and including descriptive boundaries of the subdivision, based on an accurate traverse, giving angular and linear dimensions.

C. The location of monuments shall be shown and described on the final plat.  Locations of such monuments shall be shown in reference to existing official monuments on the nearest established street lines, including true angles and distances to such reference points or monuments.  The applicant shall provide coordinating data on all subdivision monumentation in a format approved by the City Engineer.

D. Location of lots, outlots, streets, public highways, and other features, with accurate dimensions in feet and decimals of feet, with the length of radii and/or arcs of all curves, and with all other information necessary to reproduce the plat on the ground shall be shown.  Dimensions shall be shown from all angle points of curve to lot lines.

E. Lots shall be numbered clearly, blocks are to be numbered, with numbers shown clearly in the center of the block.

*F. A drawing or listing of total square footage per lot (gross and net area), acreage per block and total acres in the plat.

G. The exact locations, widths and names of all streets to be dedicated.

H. Location, purpose and width of all easements to be dedicated.

I. Name, address and phone number of surveyor preparing the plat.

J. Scale of the plat to be one inch to one hundred feet (1" = 100' - the scale to be shown graphically on a bar scale), date and north arrow.

K. A current abstract of title or a registered property certificate along with any unrecorded documents to be certified by the City Attorney.

L. Deed restrictions and protective covenants which involve a matter of public concern.

M. Statement dedicating all easements as follows:  Easements for installation and maintenance of utilities and drainage facilities are reserved over, under and along the designated areas marked "drainage and utility easements."

N. Statement dedicating all streets, and other public areas not previously dedicated as follows:  Streets, and other public areas shown on this plat and not heretofore dedicated to public use hereby so dedicated.

O. A development plan in accordance with FHA standards, including but not limited to, building area and spot elevations, storm drainage and storm sewer by area, house pad area and locations, and the like.

P. Other Data:  Such other information that may be required by the City.  

* Amended Ord. No. 2000-01, 1 August 2000



A. Certification by registered surveyor in the form required by Section 505.03, Minnesota Statutes, as amended.

B. Execution of all owners of any interest in the land and holders of a mortgage thereon of the certificates required by Section 505.03, Minnesota Statutes, as amended, and which certificate shall include a dedication of the utility easements and other public areas in such form as approved by the City Council.

C. Space for certificates of approval and review to be filled in by the signatures of the Mayor and City Clerk in the form:

For Approval of the City:

This plat of (name of plat) was approved and accepted by the City of Sunfish Lake, Dakota County, Minnesota, at a regular meeting thereof held this day of _____________________ A.D. 19           


BY: _____________________ Mayor

BY: _____________________ City Clerk