SECTION 1107.01 Purpose and Intent: This ordinance is adopted for the purpose of and with the intent to:

  1. Conserve and protect the natural resources of any lake, stream, wetland or pond;
  2. Regulate alteration of such natural resources so as to protect ecological balance;
  3. Control development in a manner that will be in harmony with the ecological systems.


SECTION 1107.02 Permit Required:  Unless a water use permit is first obtained from the City Council, none of the following shall occur with respect to any lake, stream, wetland or natural or man-made pond:

  1. Dredging
  2. Filling
  3. Draining
  4. Alteration of shoreline, banks or stream channel
  5. Deposition of effluent of any kind or quality
  6. Pumping
  7. Extraction of water
  8. Direct discharge of storm water by man-made devices; alteration of the natural storm water drainage routes
  9. Alteration, diversion or accumulation of natural drainage
  10. Any action that may affect the level or quality of any lake, stream, wetland or natural or man-made pond
  11. Establishing or constructing any ponds.

No pumping devices of any kind, whether activated or inactive, shall be placed in or shall remain in any body of water unless a water use permit has been issued and is in effect.


SECTION 1107.03 Interim Use:  The uses set forth in Section 1107.02 above shall be deemed “interim use” under Minnesota Statute 462.3597.  The application procedure for obtaining such an interim use permit shall be the same as required for a special use permit and public hearings on the granting of such interim use permit shall be held in the manner provided in Minnesota Statute 4621.357, subdivision 3. (Ord. 1989-9, 9/11/89) (Ord. 1998-08, 11/03/98)