SECTION 105.01  In General:

Any and all amendments to, additions to or deletions from this Code (hereinafter referred to as "amendments" in this chapter) shall be made in accordance with the applicable Minnesota Statutes governing the passage or city ordinances. All amendments shall be in writing, and shall be distributed to all City Council members prior to any action thereon.  All amendments shall be in substantially the following format:

SECTION 105.02  Numerical Designation of Amendments:

Each amendment shall be designated by the year of its passage and by a number indicating the chronological order in which it was passed during that year.  The substantive provisions of each amendment shall be designated by article, chapter, section or subdivision numbers so that the amendment may be readily added to the Code.


SECTION 105.03  Passage, Publication:

Upon passage of an amendment in accordance with state law, the Mayor or acting mayor and the City Clerk shall sign said amendment, and the City Clerk shall cause the amendment to be published in accordance with state law as soon as reasonably possible, but in no event later than the time period mandated by state law.


SECTION 105.04  Resolutions:

Resolutions need not be numbered or codified.  Resolutions shall be passed pursuant to state law.


SECTION 105.05  Failure to Conform to Requirements of This Chapter:

Failure to conform to any of the requirements of this chapter in any way shall not invalidate or otherwise affect any ordinances or resolutions considered by the City Council or any other actions of the City Council.  This chapter is intended only as a guideline to future amendments to the Sunfish Lake Code and shall have no substantive effect.