SECTION 101.01 Adoption of Code:

The substantive general Ordinances of a general and permanent nature of the City of Sunfish Lake, Minnesota are hereby codified in booklet form, entitled "Sunfish Lake City Code", consisting of 13 articles and the chapters and sections thereunder, which are adopted and declared to be ordinances of this City, and which by this ordinance shall be prima facie evidence of the law of the City of Sunfish Lake.

SECTION 101.02 Short Title:

For brevity herein, the Sunfish Lake City Code, will sometimes be referred to as "the Code" or "this Code", and any use of "the Code" or "this Code" shall be construed to mean the Sunfish Lake City Code, unless the context clearly requires some other meaning.

SECTION 101.03 Repeal of Prior Ordinances:

All ordinances and parts of ordinances of a general or permanent nature passed and approved prior to the passage and approval of this codification ordinance and in conflict with this ordinance or with any of the provisions of this ordinance, are hereby repealed; provided, that in construing the provisions of this ordinance the following ordinances shall not be considered or held to be ordinances of a general or permanent nature, to-wit:

a) Ordinances vacating streets and alleys.

b) Ordinances authorizing or directing public improvements to be made.

c) Ordinances levying taxes or special assessments.

d) Ordinances granting a franchise or special license to persons, firms or corporations.

e) Ordinances annexing property.

f) Ordinances providing for the issuance of bonds or other instruments of indebtedness.

g) Ordinances establishing grades.

h) Real estate transactions.

i) Ordinances amending the Zoning Map.

j) Ordinances specifically mentioned in Appendix B-1, infra.


SECTION 101.04 Repeal, Exceptions:

The repeal of ordinances as provided in section 101.03 above, shall not effect any rights acquired, fines, penalties, forfeitures or liabilities incurred thereunder, or actions involving any of the provisions of such ordinances and parts thereof prior to repeal. Such ordinances above repealed are hereby continued in force and effect after the passage, approval and publication of this general codification ordinance for the purpose of all rights, fines, penalties, forfeitures, liabilities and actions therefor.

SECTION 101.05 Severability:

If any article, chapter, section, paragraph, sentence, clause or other part of the Sunfish Lake City Code shall be adjudged void or of no effect, for any reason whatsoever, such decision shall not affect the validity of any of the other portions of the Code, which shall remain in full force and effect, and the provisions of this Code are hereby declared to be severable.

SECTION 101.06 Effective Date:

This Ordinance and this Code shall be effective as of June 15, 1988, provided that:

a) Notice of the adoption of the Code shall be published for at least two weeks in the official newspaper of the City.

b) Copies of the Code have been made available in the City offices at a reasonable price for at least one week prior to said effective date.


SECTION 101.07 Code Permanently on File:

A copy of the Code shall be permanently on file and open to public inspection in the Office of the City Clerk after adoption. This Code is printed in book form under the direction of the City Council and may be distributed as the City Council may see fit.

SECTION 101.08 Integration of Ordinances into Code:

Subd. 1 Duties of Administrator and Attorney: The Administrator and Attorney shall recommend to the Council a system for integrating ordinances into the Code in the most expeditious manner possible. They shall recommend to the Council rules consistent with this Section for the preparation, editing and format of ordinances to be presented to the Council.

Subd. 2 Matters Omitted:

(a) Title.
(b) Enacting Clause.
(c) Section Numbers
(d) Definition of terms identical to those contained in this Code.
(e) Validation and repealing clauses.
(f) Validating signatures and dates
(g) Punctuation and other matters not an integral part of the text of the
(h) Penalty provisions

Subd. 3 Errors: When integrating ordinances into the Code, the Administrator and Attorney may correct manifest grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors; change reference numbers to conform with sections, subsections chapters and ordinance; substitute figures for written words and vice versa; substitute dates for the words "the effective date of this ordinance"; and perform like actions to insure a uniform code of ordinances without, however, altering the meaning of the ordinances enacted.

Subd. 4 Source Notes: When an ordinance is integrated into the Code, a source note shall be added at the end of each new chapter, section, subsection or subdivision indicating the ordinance number and section from which the same was derived.

Subd. 5 Ordinance Records; Special Ordinances: The City Clerk is responsible for the safe and orderly keeping of all ordinances in a manner directed by the Council. Any ordinance not included in this Code by Council direction is a special ordinance. The clerk shall maintain an up-to-date, indexed record of all special ordinances. The Council may direct that special ordinances and other be included in appendices to this Code. (Ord. 1998-06, 11/03/98)